Services and Arts Activities

The Contemporary Arts Institute of Detroit offers great services and many arts activities. We are open for everyone who would like to learn more about us, our organization and about contemporary arts as well. To help other people be educated about these things, we started to open our place more for people and we thought of these activities and services:


The owner of The CAID has already started his own art exhibits even before he thought of building this institute. When this place was made, the organization took the chance to hold exhibitions as well. Many artists and people participated with us and we hope you can be one of them. Let us be the one to showcase your amazing works to other people. Join us and be part of our organization.


Other than exhibits, performances such as contemporary dance, theaters and many more are part of our activities and services. For the past few years, we’ve received a great amount of reviews from people all over the country. We are so glad that we inspired a lot of people through these performances and we hope you can get to see our performances as well. If you are interested in watching our productions, feel free to watch us on our next shows. If you’d like to be a part of this production on the other hand, you can email us and join us.


The founder of this organization started as a professional artist and a professor as well. He taught many people from the past about arts and a lot of things. Because of that, we decided to open our institute wider for people who are eager to learn about arts, especially contemporary arts. Our Institute started go welcome students and teach them to paint, dance and be part of our organization, performances and exhibitions in the future. Throughout the years, we became successful in the field of teaching and the arts industry and we hope we will see you in our Institute as well.