Where can I find your Institute in Detroit?

If you are looking for our Institute and planning to visit personally, please check our location or send us an email through the information provided in the Contact Us tab. You may also just go straight to 5141 Rosa Parks Boulevard and see us there.

How can I apply as a member of your organization?

You can simply apply as a member by inquiring from us. Just send us an email. We will then send you a form for you to fill up. You might just visit us personally in the Institute so the process will be easier and faster.

What do you teach to your students in The CAID?

We normally teach everything about contemporary arts but the students choose what type of art they will pursue. They can either be painters or performers. Most of them succeeding in finishing our programs end up joining our organization. This help the Institute a lot. The artists who pursued painting and drawing are helping with the exhibits and actually participate by giving their own works. The performers on the other hand helps us with the productions of contemporary dance and many more.

How can I be a part of the CAID?

You can be a part of our organization by joining our students and be one of them. We guarantee that you will learn a lot from us since we’ve been very reliable as can be gleaned from the past few years. A lot of our students eventually became professional artists as well after studying in our Institute. If you’re a professional already and want to be a member, you can apply for membership and help our organization by participating in our programs and supporting the activities we hold.

Our team hopes to see a lot of new people in our Institute next time. We welcome all of you and encourage you all to join us.