About Us

The Contemporary Arts Institute of Detroit (CAID)

Contemporary art has always been interesting in the eyes of many. Be it paintings or dance, everything’s so fascinating especially if you love the arts. Same goes for the founder of this organization. He loved the arts dearly and as time passed by, it became a part of his life. He was very fond of every contemporary art he sees, including paintings, drawing and even performances. All of these please him and definitely catches his attention. He was born with artistic talents and he used it to achieve his dream to become a professional artist. His time was spent teaching people, creating beautiful paintings and holding exhibits to showcase them all.

Not long ago, he planned to do something bigger than what he used to. He gathered people who can help him and asked for support when he wanted to build this Institute. Donations and funding were enough to make this place happen but of course, his works took a huge part to make his plan happen too. He was very thankful for the other people who supported him and helped him make the Contemporary Arts Institute in Detroit.

In 2004, the Institute was built and created and it was followed by the organization which now consists of many other people. They held exhibits, performances and funding to continue the work they all have started. In 2006, the organization started to accept students and taught them thoroughly about contemporary arts. Many kids and even adults joined and now they all are learning how to paint, dance and many more.

The Institute’s mission, to build a place where we all can share and see the essence and beauty of contemporary arts became a success. Now, we still encourage a lot of people to learn from us and join us as we teach more about the contemporary arts. We will appreciate if you continue making artworks with us and help us in increasing more awareness on it.